Campaign Rules

Campaign Rules

Thief changes

Everyone gets Hide in Shadows/Move Silently
Here is the table:

Level Move Silently Hide in Shadows
1 15% 10%
2 20% 15%
3 25% 20%
4 30% 25%
5 36% 31%
6 42% 37%
7 48% 43%
8 54% 49%
9 61% 56%
10 68% 63%
11 75% 70%
12 82% 77%
13 90% 85%
14 98% 93%
15 99% 98%
16 99% 99%
  1. Everyone is a thief? You snuck around the library late at night? Born on the streets and had to pickpockets to survive? Jimmied locks to get to the safe places to sleep or into the liquor cabinet? Set traps in the forest for animals? Some other reason that is funny and amusing and shows off what an attractive person you are? Whatever it is you have one (most of you) or two (fighters) of these powers: Pick Pocket, Open Locks, Find/Remove Traps, Hear Noise, Climb Walls, Read Languages. You get the power at the same percentage effectiveness as a thief of your same level.

  2. Fighters get two thief powers Fighters get two thief skills at identical level to a thief. Pick any two. Only truly foolish people will pick Hide in Shadows and Move Silently, no extra bonus is applied for picking those two. If you become a Ranger or a Paladin, the very second you gain spell casting abilities, you freeze one of the powers forever. Only increase the remaining one from then on.

  3. Non-Fighters get one thief power Pick one. Every level it matches a thief of identical level.

  4. Monks get either Open Locks or Find/Remove traps Not both. I see you trying to back door into a thief that way. Assassin is the only backdoor thief. I'm not even sure why monks are in this game.

  5. Nobles Minor nobles are the only adventurers who never picked up any thief training. Declare yourself a dispossessed noble and get your starting gold multiplied by 4. You never get thief skills, even if you pick assassin.

Magic changes

  1. Only pagans cast spells. No followers of the One True Faith would ever cast a spell. If they did they would have to repent and atone. Luckily for them, some people are born with powers beyond those of normal individuals. The following two classes are in most respects identical to Magic-User and Cleric, except they DO NOT cast spells to achieve the effects AND they do not have access to necromancy or divination.

  2. Gnoetics are almost identical to Magic-User except they have an inborn power that generates spell like effects. These effects happen to work the same way Magic-User spells work, but without casting spells. Think psychokinesis. They have access to new powers when leveling like a Magic User. They CANNOT use necromancy or divination. New powers can be learned using the same rules as for pagan magic-users, except the Gnoetic learns new powers, not spells.

  3. Cure Wounds changes Cure Light Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, and Cure Critical Wounds are all reclassified as Abjuration. Read #3 to understand why this is important.

  4. Sophetics are almost identical to Clerics except they have an inborn power that generates spell like effects. These effects happen to work the same way Cleric spells work, but without casting spells. Think like psychokinesis or if you prefer, special types of prayers only Sophetics can use. They have access to new powers when leveling like a Cleric. They CANNOT use necromancy or divination powers. An exception might be made for the Augury spell, if used like Urim and Thummim.